Gilly Drielinger was born in 1987 in Amsterdam. In his younger years Gilly appeared to be a very talented football player. However due to unfortunate circumstances Gilly had to accept that he would never play in the big stadiums. Since he still loved sports Gilly started an internship at Active Fitness in Amsterdam Zuid. Here he discovered his passion and talent for physical fitness. Every single day it was his goal to motivate his clients, give them extra energy by working out and trained them in self-discipline.  


In 2012 Gilly received his Fitness- and Personal Training certificates and started working for David Lloyd Amsterdam. His passion and talent for motivating and personal training were outstanding and within no time Gilly grew a substantial network of regular clients. After a year as successful trainer Gilly added a massage diploma onto his CV, which brought him to the idea of opening a special massage space within the David Lloyd Amsterdam building for all the visitors. They ended up hiring multiple masseuses to match the great demand. 


In 2014, The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam showed their interest in the expertise and training methods of Gilly. They gave him the opportunity to become Gym Supervisor in Akasha Wellbeing, the sports- and wellness centre of the hotel. In addition to his supervising tasks, Gilly is still very active in the gym. As a personal trainer he works with famous Dutch Celebrities Chantal Janzen, Robbert Kemperman, Nathan Moszkowicz, Justin Kluivert, Wesley Sneijder en Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau.

Personal Trainer


Fit by Gilly means improving. No matter what your starting level is, Gilly makes you the best version of yourself. Fit by Gilly supports you to get better and get the most out of yourself, with the individual strength being key element in the method.  


With a personalised view and varied exercises, no training is the same. With the passion and knowledge of Fit by Gilly you will reach every goal you can imagine! 

Training by Guillermo Drielinger


The trainings-method of Fit by Gilly always pushes you to the maximum. The work-outs are completely personalised, this means that it is designed for your preferences and goals. The knowledge and guidance provided by Fit by Gilly will give you the necessary steppingstones to get you to reach your ultimate goal.  So you can kick some ass in a guided and healthy way!  


Be better and belief in yourself! BE GREATER! 


Positivity and fun are key elements that help you reach your ultimate sports-goal. The training designed by Fit by Gilly will give you a great amount of positive energy and improve your self-esteem. So you can give all you got in every workout and reach your goal with a smile and a bit of sweat on your face.  


The custom-made training schedules and guidance ensure that you don’t want to miss a single workout. Moreover, Fit by Gilly guarantees a satisfied feeling after every training. Workouts will always be adjusted to the level of the client; any injuries or limitations will be taken into a count. 


Besides personal training, nutrition and rest are other key elements of Fit by Gilly. Furthermore, reaching goals is not the only priority. It is also very important to build a relationship with the client. Fit by Gilly is faithful to clients and has a very big network of regular clients. 


At the moment Gilly works for David Lloyd Amsterdam, the same place he started his personal training career. In addition to this, e works at Akasha in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. This sport- and wellness centre consists of four different elements: 


Fire: Gym;

Earth: Relaxing;

Air: Yoga/Pilates studio;

Water: Spa


These four elements are perfect for clients that are looking for some relaxation in a luxury environment, next to the workouts of Fit by Gilly. 



Ralph de Vries
Director New Business Development, Marketing & innovations

Gilly is punctual, strict, sharp, innovative, emphatic and just awesome! With Gilly’s help and my own motivation I can do 4 series of 15. Together with Gilly I trained for the Cannes International Triathlon and Gilly also helped me recover a burnout. On top of that, Gilly makes sure I feel fresh and sharp as a knife. Without him, my life and my body would look so different.



Jan Herweijer

Gilly is able to push me to my limits and beyond, each and every time. He’s energetic, knowledgeable and able to hit the right tone to get the best out of my workouts. Physically and mentally.



Nathan Moszkowicz
Artist Manager

For me, Fit by Gilly is really about being the best version of yourself. Never listen to the voice in your head and never quit. Gilly and I go way back, I must say that Gilly was the first trainer that gave me that special trigger and made sure I commit to my goals for the full 100%, not only in training but also in life. When I was a child I never played any team sports and as a result I wasn’t in good shape and didn’t have any strength whatsoever. When I started training with Gilly I became stronger, better and more masculine. Last year my goal was to loose 10 kg and I did it! Healthy nutrition, challenging exercises and strong motivation. Consistency is key. Why am I excited to train every week? Well, besides the great training, Gilly is really funny and makes the best jokes. I love those free core trainings.



Jordy Stravers
Founder, Managing Director Sire Life Sciences

Gilly gave a whole new dimension to ‘becoming fit’ to my family. This dimension reaches way further than only working out. His passion, knowledge, network and experience with nutrition, physical therapy, sport massage, innovative techniques and equipment make him the perfect all-round lifestyle coach on the highest professional level. He will get the best out of you!



Alex Hes
Owner E&A Events

Gilly has given me motivation to exercise. He makes sure I’m in shape and fit. As trainer Gilly is strict but that makes you push those limits. Luckily he does have time for a joke every now and then.


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